Your Domain Name Matters. Or Does It?

Google. Ebay. WordPress. Etsy. FaceBook. Alibaba.

You know them all very well, for sure! Was it name that you remembered or a brand?

It’s name of course, and name is converted into a brand later.

The question is, does it really matter to have best domain name?

Domain names matter, why?

A lousy domain name can be quite a nightmare.

For example – I bet manufacturer of instruments for monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure Dickson wasn’t aware that can be also read as!

* The company website is now redirected to ever since, all traffics to DicksonWeb are now divert to the new website.

Now why a name matter a lot has several reasons. Here they go:

  • If your domain name is short yet meaningful, it means it can be remembered by people at once, and will cover the targeted market as well.
  • Long URLs have greater probability of getting misspelled by users.
  • Long URLs if separated by [-] can resolve the issue of misspelling, and can also help search engines to index a site for the keywords in the URL.
  • If your domain name contains a keyword in it, chances of getting in top pages of SERP results are much higher.

Well, domain names though play a vital role in websites’ popularity, but cannot be considered as the only factor.

There’re many other things that make up a good, popular site.

Quality of services stands first among all, i.e. your visitors rate and spread word about your site only when they find value in it. And, the other major factor that contributes towards the popularity is right marketing at right time, but this is very much relevant to the first one, i.e. highly satisfied visitors do half of your marketing themselves.

Be choosy while selecting domain name, as it represents the core essence of your site, but do not stick to the name only.

Little-known facts about domain names

Some are some random facts domain name I found interesting.

  • Domain registration was free before 1995. Network Solutions was the first organization to start charging for them – at $100 for 2 years registration. Read the Untold story of SAIC, Network Solutions, and the Rise of the Web.
  • Google is originally named Googol. Sean Anderson misspelled the name and registered it as Google (source).
  • .top, .xyz, and .loan are the top 3 new generic TLDs as of October 2017 (source).
  • There are 2,966 ICANN accredited registrars at time of writing (see every one in this .csv file).
  • GoDaddy is the #1 domain registrar. The company holds more than 51 million domains at time of writing (source).
  • All possible two letter combinations domains are taken.
  • So are four letter combinations domains (source).
  • In December 1999, Microsoft Inc. forgot to renew the domain name, causing its Hotmail service crippled. Michael Chaney, a Linux programmer and kind soul, paid the $35 fee, posted the receipt and “Merry Christmas, Microsoft” on Slashdot, and  handed over ownership back to Microsoft (source).
  • Mike Mann sets the record for most domains (14,962 to be exact) registered in single day in April 2012 (source).
  • You can register a .tk domain for free (do it now).
  • is the very first domain name registered on the Internet is , which was registered on March 15, 1985 (visit online).
  • The growth of domain was slow in the beginning, in October 1990, there were only 1,151 .com domains registered (source).
  • Commercial use of the Internet was first permitted in 1988 (source).
  • was sold for $90 million dollars in June 2005. The payment is scheduled to be completed over 35 years –  spanning from 2005 to 2040 (source).
  • The second (, $49.7 million) and third (, $36.6 million) most expensive domain names are acquired by the same company – QuinStreet (source).

Having fun so far? I’ll keep updating this list in future. Come back for more.


8 Simple Domain Tips

  1. Name your website using your association name. Example:,, and
  2. Generic names are cool but most of them are reserved by domain registrant. So unless you have a fat wallet and willing to spend thousands for just a domain name, you can forget about registering single word (or phrases) as your domain name.
  3. Shop at Flippa to see if a desired domain is for sale.
  4. Avoid hyphenated domain names.
  5. Consider varies TLDs when the “.com” and “.net” if your desired domain names are taken. Example: is taken; try 😉
  6. Both short and long domain names have their pros and cons. Short domains are easier to remember and easier to be ‘branded’; long domain names on the other hand may consist of more descriptive keywords (which allow your users to understand your business instantly).
  7. Domain name tools are helpful, sometimes. Try MakeWords, Dot-o-mator, and NameBoy.
  8. Think ‘FUN’ and think outside the box. Sometimes, your sense of humor is your best friend when if comes to picking up the right domain name – remember

Well, choosing a domain may not be as simple as perceived but it doesn’t have to be such a grueling challenge either. I hope things are easier when you apply tips above.

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