Customize Your Theme Without Breaking It

WP core, theme, plugin updates can mess up a lot of features. Here we’ll see a few ways of adding your own custom stuff without breaking anything or at least reducing the risks.

#1- Child theme

An advanced option, ok if you are a coder and want to go crazy with your custom code – do it in your child theme.

#2- A plugin

Sometimes you just need some additional features, a plugin is the way to go there. Good for widgets, shortcodes, and the best part is that you can find a lot of free / premium plugins out there to do the job.

#3- Custom CSS

Most themes provide that field, and CSS isn’t really rocket science. Once you get used to it you can do some cool things with CSS only (maybe list a few examples, pseudo elements, disable click…)

#4- Custom JS

Most modern WordPress themes come with an “integration” field, for Google Analytics or similar code. Well, you can use that one as well for some jQuery wizardry.