Double digit growth on worldwide hosting demand

Demand for the Internet Hosting Services industry in the US grew substantially over the past five years due to high demand from companies hoping to expand their web presence. The annual growth rate has been 11.2% in the period from 2010 to 2015 and this trend is expected to continue in the five years to 2020.

Asia = almost half of global internet users; but US host more than 80% of world’s websites

Asia, as a continent, has the most internet users. It accounts for 48.4% of global internet users. Though more than 80% of the world’s websites are hosted by a US-based provider.

No company has a monopoly. In most countries the top global companies occupy less than 20% of the market. France is the only exception with OVH dominating over 60% of the local market.

GoDaddy still the biggest domain registrar remains as U.S. (and world) top registrar with 52,020,828 domains and more than 55% market share.

At this time of writing, Amazon hosts the most websites (2,078) in world’s top 10,000 ranking, as per’s study.

The price of hosting a website is normally associated with the amount of service the hosting company provides. A dedicated server solution with 24/7 managed support is typically many times more expensive than unmanaged shared hosting (multiple websites on a single server) solutions.

According to the level of management offered: A managed server means less work for you but also less flexibility, an unmanaged server means more flexibility. There are packages that offer some management services so unmanaged/managed is only the two extremes, there is a spectrum of services in between.

Source: Managed vs Unmanaged WordPress Hosting.