FatCow Review by Peter Benson

This informative FatCow (site: https://www.fatcow.com/) review was published 7 years ago. I received this review from a user named Peter Benson. FatCow’s price has not changed much today and the review is still somewhat useful today.

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User Feedback on FatCow

I think you have FatCow rated too high

I tried FatCow for webhosting a local political campaign site based on good reviews like these. The price was decent – $44 for a year.

The campaign was successful, and I took the site down afterward. Unfortunately, I did not cancel the account, and it autorenewed at _$107_ for a year. When I went to cancel it, they told me there would be a $35 cancellation fee. When I said I didn’t remember seeing that when I signed up, they said it’s in “Terms and Conditions” – buried with a ton of legalese. Their “cancellation fee” is almost as much as the first year of web hosting. For what it’s worth, I had _much_ better luck getting a refund for unused time from JustHost.

Anyway, fool me once and all that. I told them I thought their policy was misleading and abusive, and I won’t be back.

(PS- They also take _forever_ to answer their phone – it took three tries to get this cancelled since one time I had to leave after ~20 minutes on hold and the other time I was cut off after a similar wait time.)

Anyway, I think you have them rated too high, and I think you ought to let people know about their loss-leader, bait-and-switch pricing and high cancellation fee.

– Peter Benson / Minnesota @ September 4th, 2011

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Alternatives to FatCow

The best thing about FatCow is price. If FatCow is not for you, some other budget hosting providers you can look into include: BlueHost (same owner with FatCow), FastComet, and Hostinger.