Instagram Hashtags

70% of Instagram posts go unseen and out of user’s feeds.

The solution to this common Insta problem? Hashtags.

Hashtags help to increase discover-ability.

Instagram posts with at least one hashtag receive up to 12.6% more engagement than without a one according to a study by Simply Measured.

Source: Simply Measured Instgram Study (page 12)

Hashtags make the content of your page discover-able and put you in front of those users you may have never successfully targeted. But at the same time there is no need to use 30 hashtags (the maximum per post), it’s embarrassing and spammy.

Types of hashtags

  • Brand hashtags. It means the unique one you choose for your brand. You can choose it for a specific campaigns, or just for posts telling about your business. It’s very useful for organizing the content of your page, as all the posts with a certain tag are categorised and can be seen on a hashtag page. You can get the most out of it when you collect entries for some contest submissions.
  • Niche hashtags. When you choose among broad and niche hashtag, you have to remember that the latter means a higher chance of quality engagement. The more specific your hashtag is, the more desired followers you’ll earn.
  • Community hashtags. These are general hashtags that don’t necessarily have anything to do with your brand, like #instapics, #instafood. They are widely used, and can make your content more discoverable.

Quick hash-tagging tips

  • Choose hashtags that are relevant to your audience.
  • Try to use only relevant hashtags not to be marked as a spammer.
  • Check out what hashtags your competitors are using.
  • Use hashtags that popular accounts in your industry are using.
  • Use reasonable amount of hashtags.
  • Make sure that a hashtag means the very thing you mean.