Q&A Platforms: One Quick Way to Grow Without Google

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The trick is to monitor ongoing conversations in your niche and chip in whenever you have something to say and add value to the conversation with your content.

Alert tool like Google Alert would help (to keep track of latest trends and new conversations) but to scale up, collaborate, and to make the biggest bang in shortest time, you’ll have to rely on tools like Feedly and AHREFS to manage your content. More about this later.

Custom-build your content in order to fit in a hot conversation.

For example if someone asked about how to do something with .htaccess code, you can write a simple tutorial on your blog, then answer the question at the Q&A site and suggest the users to visit your blog for the actual codes and demos. Or even better, build a tool to cater their needs. An auto .htaccess code generator fits in perfectly in our example.


Quora are, for now, the best three general Q&A platforms to draw traffics. Though – you’ll have to swim through the spammers to stand out. I knew a few  businesses benefited handsomely by answering questions and being useful to their potential customers.

Also, this is where AHREFS kicks in. One easy way to identify the right Quora questions to answer is by looking at its search traffic. You can get a rough estimate by exploring the top pages stats on AHREFS.

Stack Overflow

If you are a publisher who sells programming books – StackOverflow is a good place to be at. http://stackoverflow.com/questions

Or at least, ask your developers to stay active at the site.

Trip Advisor

The site TripAdvisor.com needs no introduction. The website has the influence in estimated 10.3% global travel – which translate to about $546 billion in travel spending

If you are starting running a travel agency – Answering questions on Trip Advisor Forum (http://www.tripadvisor.com/ForumHome) should be one of  your primary online marketing tactics.

More than just traffic sources

Q&A sites can work more than just a source of web traffic.

Information exists on Internet to answer people’s question.

People ask questions and consume content on Q&A sites because they have a problem that needs fixing.  If one person is asking, chances are there are thousands more wondering the same thing.

This makes Q&A site a good place to scout for content idea. Every question asked on Quora or Trip Advisor can be a good title for your next blogpost.