What makes a good web host? Factor #2: Hosting features

Another set of questions to ask when you are examining your hosting options: What comes with your hosting package? Does it meet the needs of your company? What about as your website grows and you add new features?

Look at everything from how easy it is to install popular items like WordPress to how server backups are done and how sudden spike in website traffic is handled.

Some of the basics you might want to compare include:

  • Does the host support video and audio streaming?
  • Is the control panel easy to navigate and understand?
  • Can you work with an SQL database easily? Are there wizards available, such as MyPHPAdmin?
  • Is one-click app installer, ie. Fantastico, used?
  • Is dedicated IP included in your package? If not, how much does it cost to get one?
  • Can you easily backup your site?
  • Can you host your own e-mails (and check them using web browsers)?